Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Women From Venus, Men From Mars, thus roughly in part as far as what people describe their differences. Arrive at a relationship that has existed too, sometimes they do not know the cause and consequence of an act of the opposite sex. The following are tips to know the cause why the guy break his girlfriend.

1. Bored. You guys might get bored with a relationship that has been running all these years, could get bored with a relationship that does not evolve towards a more serious, bored with your attitudes that would not go into as he wanted or bored with you physically. Tip: make your relationship feels colorless and monotonous, for example, once you change the appearance / haircut and up-to-date on fashion, Take him to pioneer the business together as articles that have been my previous post: Tips Business With Your Love, Show seriousness of her relationship that has existed several years, either by a formal engagement ceremony, or just engage him to be present at an internal event of your family.

2. Third person. The third man is the most powerful factor in triggering a guy leave his girlfriend. A guy will choose his new girlfriend, and left his old girl-based consideration of the advantages of the new girl, which is adjusted to their needs, could be because of her beauty, sexuality, intelligence or wealth. Tip: There is no other way to tie a guy you are to always be beside you, except to be yourself completely from the outset of your relationship is established. Because then there will be no regrets, when at last he left you, yet you have to give best for him.

3. Bound Too Tight. Men Need Space, is the most appropriate phrase to describe the guy needs to be 'space'. They tend to need 'space' for their own needs such as: hanging out with the opposite sex, or just communicate with their communities to pursue his hobby. Limit because your attitude will only make it possessive 'agitated', depressed and feel uncomfortable. Because the guy will actually feel appreciated when he believed. Tip: Try to always give confidence to him by giving him the freedom to mix and mingle with friends and environment, and biarkankan he carry out his hobby-course in a positive way.

4. Disappointed With Your Family. One factor to be considered a guy continue to survive is because of his family, such as how welcome they are against you, the extent to which he valued and how he fits with your family. The guy is a person who tends to give priority to logic rather than emotion, so as to external factors in the category of judgments against you. So it is not rare, a guy who left his girlfriend because the parents are not appreciated his girlfriend. Tip: Clever bridge the differences that might arise between you guys and your parents. Damping friction that might arise, so as if they no conflict between them. For example, when your parents do not like the guy your current job, to say it another way and relaxed manner.

5. Low self-esteem. Insecure guy to his girlfriend could be due to many factors, such as family wealth is far more rich girl, position / title girl of higher, more brilliant career girl or girls that have guy friends who are much more cool. Tip: Try to make you not too dominant. Lift back her confidence, either through words or your actions. Show that although you do have advantages compared to your guy, you still show your love and respect him. Respect his opinions, because only it is still 'left' for you.

6. There is no certainty. Not only the girls who need assurances as to the relationship, the guy too. If she might be caused due to aging, while boys more because of his strong desire to raise a family, given the readiness both in terms of mental and material. Some guys just tend to be impatient to wait indefinitely girlfriend prioritize and pursue a career relationship, because he assumed that the household is their responsibility. If they have been able to fulfill it, why do girls have to pursue a career at the expense of the relationship of love with him. Tip: Set a time limit 'expectation' that if you can understand together.

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