Thursday, October 20, 2011

What is the meaning of life partner?

Life partner, is the word for someone who always be with us and together with us fight this world.

Sometimes we say to our love partners that he/she is our life partner. But do you realize that it is so soon to say that? Have u ever imagined that someday for any reasons that he/she can leave us?
Can you say that he/she is your life partner? I don't think so.

A truly life partner is someone who will always be with us, accompany and support us when our life become very bad. And he/she is will smile with us when we are happy. Never cheat and feel get bored with us until we are in old age.

So, according to my perspective, we can say that someone is a life partner
is when we are in our last breath in this world and when that time come, our partner is still with us.

That's the truly life partner.

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