Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Women From Venus, Men From Mars, thus roughly in part as far as what people describe their differences. Arrive at a relationship that has existed too, sometimes they do not know the cause and consequence of an act of the opposite sex. The following are tips to know the cause why the guy break his girlfriend.

1. Bored. You guys might get bored with a relationship that has been running all these years, could get bored with a relationship that does not evolve towards a more serious, bored with your attitudes that would not go into as he wanted or bored with you physically. Tip: make your relationship feels colorless and monotonous, for example, once you change the appearance / haircut and up-to-date on fashion, Take him to pioneer the business together as articles that have been my previous post: Tips Business With Your Love, Show seriousness of her relationship that has existed several years, either by a formal engagement ceremony, or just engage him to be present at an internal event of your family.

2. Third person. The third man is the most powerful factor in triggering a guy leave his girlfriend. A guy will choose his new girlfriend, and left his old girl-based consideration of the advantages of the new girl, which is adjusted to their needs, could be because of her beauty, sexuality, intelligence or wealth. Tip: There is no other way to tie a guy you are to always be beside you, except to be yourself completely from the outset of your relationship is established. Because then there will be no regrets, when at last he left you, yet you have to give best for him.

3. Bound Too Tight. Men Need Space, is the most appropriate phrase to describe the guy needs to be 'space'. They tend to need 'space' for their own needs such as: hanging out with the opposite sex, or just communicate with their communities to pursue his hobby. Limit because your attitude will only make it possessive 'agitated', depressed and feel uncomfortable. Because the guy will actually feel appreciated when he believed. Tip: Try to always give confidence to him by giving him the freedom to mix and mingle with friends and environment, and biarkankan he carry out his hobby-course in a positive way.

4. Disappointed With Your Family. One factor to be considered a guy continue to survive is because of his family, such as how welcome they are against you, the extent to which he valued and how he fits with your family. The guy is a person who tends to give priority to logic rather than emotion, so as to external factors in the category of judgments against you. So it is not rare, a guy who left his girlfriend because the parents are not appreciated his girlfriend. Tip: Clever bridge the differences that might arise between you guys and your parents. Damping friction that might arise, so as if they no conflict between them. For example, when your parents do not like the guy your current job, to say it another way and relaxed manner.

5. Low self-esteem. Insecure guy to his girlfriend could be due to many factors, such as family wealth is far more rich girl, position / title girl of higher, more brilliant career girl or girls that have guy friends who are much more cool. Tip: Try to make you not too dominant. Lift back her confidence, either through words or your actions. Show that although you do have advantages compared to your guy, you still show your love and respect him. Respect his opinions, because only it is still 'left' for you.

6. There is no certainty. Not only the girls who need assurances as to the relationship, the guy too. If she might be caused due to aging, while boys more because of his strong desire to raise a family, given the readiness both in terms of mental and material. Some guys just tend to be impatient to wait indefinitely girlfriend prioritize and pursue a career relationship, because he assumed that the household is their responsibility. If they have been able to fulfill it, why do girls have to pursue a career at the expense of the relationship of love with him. Tip: Set a time limit 'expectation' that if you can understand together.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

What is the meaning of life partner?

Life partner, is the word for someone who always be with us and together with us fight this world.

Sometimes we say to our love partners that he/she is our life partner. But do you realize that it is so soon to say that? Have u ever imagined that someday for any reasons that he/she can leave us?
Can you say that he/she is your life partner? I don't think so.

A truly life partner is someone who will always be with us, accompany and support us when our life become very bad. And he/she is will smile with us when we are happy. Never cheat and feel get bored with us until we are in old age.

So, according to my perspective, we can say that someone is a life partner
is when we are in our last breath in this world and when that time come, our partner is still with us.

That's the truly life partner.

How to Love Our Partners

Sometimes we are confused to show our loves to our partners. If we just say I love you, I miss you, I think it is not enough and if we say it too much, I am afraid those words will be so meaningless again, because our partners used to hear it.

In my poin of view, we should do more action than words to show how much we love our partners. Yeah, talk less do more is the best way. I will try to describe how to show our loves with our partners in some examples.

1. Help your partners
Helping our partners here means we are not only support them by encouraging them when they feel down, but also we help them in doing their daily activities, no matter your position as a husband or a boyfriend. You can help to finish their house works when you see your partner tired, or busy in work.

2. Try not to be angry with their mistakes
If your partner make mistake, I mean not big mistake like cheating, you should not angry with them. Just ask why your partner did that and accept the reason.
If you always angry with your partner, I am afraid your partner will try to hide anything with you someday to avoid your anger.

3. Say thank you to your partner
Don't forget to say thank you with your partner even just for small thing. You can say it with smile and say it Sincerely.

4. Hold your partners hand in the crowd
When you and your partner go in public places, don't be hesitate to hold your partner's hand. It will make your partner feel that you are proud and want to show to the world that he/she is our beloved.

But most of all, never hurt your partner's feelings. Never dissapointed your partner with cheating. We are just human, and sometimes boredom come to us and we can make big mistake by cheating just for fun. Just remember one thing, is it worth to lose your partner's love and hurt someone who loves you just for a short fun? I think it is not worth at all.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Tips to Get Your Ex Back

Feelings of love to your ex are still present and difficult to remove? Maybe you still expect him back.

Pride and shame are a natural feeling when I want to ask the former lover for dating again. The following six tips can help you get your ex back, cited by Self Growth:

1. Talk about a good
Maybe your ex is still confused and misunderstand what happens first. Honest and talk about good reasons why you left it first. Make good communication back and do not let his views are wrong about you persist in his mind.

2. second chance
"Neighbor's grass is greener", the term can be broken for some reason. If this happens to you, lover abandoned because there are other people more interesting, try to forgive his mistakes and give a chance on the former to return. Normally he would regret it and feel that you are very mean.

3. Make the former 'jealous'
Have fun with friends and enjoy your solitude because it would make the former 'jealous' with your condition is fine. Make him regret is leaving you. Although too much, try to make ex jealous. The trick friends with other men.

4. Give a little spice
Some couples split up because they feel bored, if it happens then give a little spice to the relationship that is not monotonous. For those of you who are rarely met, try to spend weekends with out of town together. Talk about what you want to do to one another, perhaps it could be a solution for a boring relationship.

5. Forget the past
Problems that triggered the end of a relationship, it could make ex afraid to get back to you. If this happens, make your seriousness on the ex and try to act like no bad thing happened in the past. Maybe this is the only way to fix the error for both of you.

6. apologizing
Honesty is very important in relating. Be honest to apologize to the ex, the words "forgive me" and "I'm sorry" can represent your heart's content and make the ex receiving your return.

Hope it will help.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Tips to handle your cheating spouse

Nothing is more painful than if your spouse having an affair. So much information available about what you should do if the husband had an affair, but very little is written about things that you should not do.

If you are not 100 percent sure that your husband cheated on her, before taking important decisions, you should first focus attention on what you should NOT do. This is difficult because usually the woman would be foolhardy to know their husband having an affair. When feeling angry, hurt, and wants revenge raging, common sense often forgotten. Here are 5 things NOT to do, complete with the reason.

1. Do not drive or leave it

As a first step, avoid expel husband, let alone leave it. Both of these are the last thing you should do if necessary. Right now all you need do is pay attention and watch what happens, while collecting facts. It is easier to do if you are still living in one house. If you throw or you are leaving home, it would be difficult to track what it does.

2. Do not tell to everyone

Naturally, if you want to tell her husband's infidelity to someone or seek support, either from friends or family. But be careful with what you describe. When you tell a female friend, usually he will tell you again on another friend. Make sure the person you made the vent is a person who can really be trusted and would uphold the secret. Better not tell your male friend as this will make the situation more difficult because they often will take a chance.

3. Do not pretend nothing happened

If you are being ignore, this will only make the situation worse.Whatever feels so pain to know a husband having an affair, you still have to face reality. Ignoring his infidelity gives him the opportunity to continue to enjoy the affair. Pretending there is no adultery committed by a husband will make her think you do not mind and accept infidelity does. At certain times you have to explicitly say to my husband, you know the affair and told him firmly to stop the affair.

4. Do not confront him without any evidences
Many experts argue, should confront your husband about the affair. But for its implementation, you must have a mature plan. Choose a time and a safe place so that the conversation did not get interference. DO NOT ask your husband if he cheated. He definitely will not be admitted. Show the evidence you've collected in the form of the name, date, place, telephone, and others. Then ask him some questions, like why he did it, how it happened very beginning, how long this affair had happened, how she felt about the affair, and what he will do after you find out what he did.

5. Do not be obsessed with the affair

Naturally, if you want to know about the woman's identity, but do not let your time and energy wasted just because the woman. Do not obsess on your curiosity about what they do in detail. Concentrate the mind on how to solve this problem for you both. Do not embarrass or frustrate yourself by calling and even berated her affair and demanded the woman's husband leaves you. He is not obligated to follow your commands.

Disrupt or even threaten to harm you. If one step can actually drag you into court. Insult, criticize, or belittle it will make your husband's defense. You will make them even closer. Forget women's affair and concentrate your energy and efforts to restore your marriage as before.

good luck.
Establishing long-distance love or long distance love usually does pose many dilemmas for those who live it. And with a variety of technological sophistication on offer, should the distance is no longer a major issue. So how do I establish a long-distance love lasting and safe? ..

Many who can not afford long distance affair. Various reasons of course be a very reinforce the statement. But actually, juicy and just do there own pleasure. While certainly this is not as easy to imagine, and need a lot of sacrifices.

Dating long distance can also test the fidelity and harmony of the couple and can anticipate and strengthen the relationships that have been in interlace, Some trick is taken from some expert advice of Psychology and no doubt because of advice and tips and tricks previously been investigated from several samples of couples undergoing relationship in long-distance love are:

1. Explain the expectations from the beginning
Do not beat around the bush, plan for the future early on. According to Drs. Greg Guldner, director of the Center for the Study of Long-Distance Relationships, which distinguishes between the pair of successful and unsuccessful underwent LDR is: the basic rules. Dr. Guldner explains, approximately 70% of LDR couples who did not set up since the first agreement, the average break up after 6 months. Surely the most important thing to do is talk about ground rules, such as: whether the relationship is exclusive, or open? Any number of times a day to give the news, via email, via text or sms? When the schedule met?

2. Express Yourself
Couples who live nearby have often had difficulties to meet and express their love. So, imagine how difficult it LDR couples let alone face to face contact. Dr. Gary Chapman, author of The Five Love Languages ​​for Singles said, "It is important to know how to make your spouse feel appreciated and loved. Moreover, through the words. For example, 'If you are on my side today, I'll give you a kiss on the forehead'. "He also suggested to share the story of facing the day-to-day to the couple. This should be done to maintain proximity, so that when you and your partner met there are things that can be told and avoid circumstances that make you feel like a stranger. Not only by e-mail, conventional mail was the same thrill to make you feel more personal relationship with reading scratches his hand. Tuck pieces of newspaper or a funny poem written your essay on the leaves. You can be more creative through conventional mail.

3.Make or give a surprise
Often a refreshing surprise of a relationship. For a long distance can take advantage of shipping services. Occasionally sending flowers can be a romantic longing bidder. If there is enough time for a holiday surprise her by coming to his city. But remember, too busy, not too much demanding his time. If possible, find out first schedule him on that day. Your visit is also no need for long, the important sense of longing has been remedied.

4. Enjoy your freedom
Life is too close to the couple can be a difficult thing for each can grow personally and professionally. Living apart is difficult, but it gives us a personal space to grow but remain in a relationship. As time went on, you will learn the attitude and nature of each partner, until in the end if you decide to live together, it no longer becomes a "sacrifice" but a compromise.

5.Trust and Forbearance
When it is committed to long-distance relationship, trust is very important to the couple. If you can not trust the partner you should think twice before embarking on long-distance relationship. You can own tortured tired of suspicion and jealousy because he can not always keep an eye on her lover. If there is a feeling of suspicion or anxiety, directly revealed to him. Do not keep to themselves and develop into a problem.

Emotional state is difficult to control. Sometimes a little upset could be a problem. Especially for long-distance couples, patience is an important aspect. As emotional distance relationship couple at more explosive. Though the couple should really appreciate the times when they are on the phone or meet.

Therefore, if a problem arises you should try to be patient and do not immediately explode. Remember, meetings and communication is quite difficult should be filled with fun things to more intimate relationships. Always end the conversation with the sweet words.

6. Create a more enjoyable
You can make things more fun by making a few surprises for him. Able to give gifts that are sent at any time. It is important to make it feel that you are thinking of him. But keep in mind: give the distance of time. Do not let him feel you are bombarded. Give gifts that are made personally, like the book he had long wanted to read, the video contains a message, chocolate that you created yourself, your photos together, lock pendant, made your own poetry, engraved jewelry, flowers containing the message, and others. The more personal gift that you make, the greater the impact will be received by the him.

Who would not like a sweet surprise? Surprises can be fun because of unexpected and represents how much the giver is watching people's surprise. Try: create advertisements in national newspapers or local newspapers that it places him how much you love her. Or make a sudden trip into place. Or create a video message that states your feelings with your own way. Or send a gift to his house while he was visiting you, until once he arrived at his house, the gift was waiting for him. LDR can be successful if you and your partner are willing to set the time and effort to make it run better.

But the core of all of the above recipe is trust, compassion and PATIENCE. Hope it will help.

How to overcome from being jealous

Jealousy is the spice in a relationship. The nature of jealousy can be an effective way for a person to express his love. Jealousy can also be a sign that you are still meaningful for the couple. Jealousy can be used as a flavoring as well as trigger the spirit of romance couples (couples).

But behind the positive values, these properties can not be left just to make a person blind jealous. Because when someone is hit by excessive feelings of jealousy that fuel the dispute, even to the ends with farewell.

To fix this, then we must do the following:

Positive thoughts

One of the best ways to overcome jealousy is to think positively about your partner. Because negative thoughts can trigger the occurrence of conflicts, ranging from trivial problem down to a more serious stage.

Communicate what is happening

Often the men or women think their partners do strange things when not on their side. Though such thoughts may be unwarranted and only a mere conjecture.

Although the couple had to explain what actually happened, but while you still can not believe it, then it can make your partner do the charge against him. Therefore, you should listen to the explanation of new couples decide if they like that had been suspected or not.

Express true feelings

A healthy relationship needs to be grounded in fact no jealousy, because feelings are often not useful.

To avoid conflicts, you are good enough to express what is felt. Such as when you feel uncomfortable when he was close to the opposite sex. That way he will know what's been bothering you.

Jealous of infection only in relation

Supposing that transmit infectious disease, excessive jealousy can cause infection in a relationship.

Infection can occur when you are always suspicious of the pair by contacting him at all times, checking his cell phone, always unload his bag, and finding fault with your partner.

Whereas these conditions should not happen because all things can be discussed carefully without causing new problems. Without being forced, it will show your spouse cell phone.

There may be special reasons that make him not showing his cell during this time, such as there are secrets of the company or individual who does not want to know the people.

Good luck ...